Hosted Order Pages (HOP) payment gateway FAQs

So recently, you may have decided to set up your payment gateway with one that re-directs the customer from the ASAP application to another page. Generally, these payment gateways are called Hosted Order Pages (or HOP for shorts). With that, you may also have some questions on these particular payment gateways operate compared with ones that keep the customer within ASAP. Here's a few FAQs that do come up with the use of these payment gateway types:

Can users have saved credit cards on their accounts?

No, unfortunately they are not able to. Since we only store the information in our system, there's no way to actually send it over to a HOP payment gateway.We cannot transmit what's saved in our website to auto-fill into another. 

Will recurring billing/payment plans function with a HOP?

Since HOP gateways force the user/admin to go through their site in order to process the payment, there is no way for our system to process an automatic recurring payment since the system is unable to make the auto charge outside the app. This relates to being unable to used saved card information with a HOP payment gateway since we cannot send over any of the information saved. Generally, when a payment is done with a direct payment gateway, we're able to process the payment automatically since it's all done through our app. But with HOPs,  since it re-directs the user to another site, we cannot process any automated charges through another site. 

What happens if a customer does not complete payment on the next screen?

When a customer is sent over to the HOP screen to complete a payment, we create a "Processing" transaction within our records to indicate that the user is attempting payment. However, if the user "backs" out of the screen or closes the window before attempting a payment, ASAP will update the payment to "Incomplete". This just means that the customer never actually completed the payment and would need to attempt one again.

What happens if a customer's card is declined?

If a customer's card is declined, they will be re-directed back to the ASAP page in order to process the payment again.

Is this available on all version of the ASAP site?

Currently (Nov 2017) HOP is not offered on our GO site.

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