Record Service Hours on a student record

You may want to record Service Hours on a student record to track things such as volunteer time, counseling sessions, service time, etc. You can do this via the Student Details page for each student. Each record will record:

  1. Type of service performed
  2. Date of the service
  3. Amount of time spent in hours and minutes (HH:MM)
  4. Staff member who performed the service
  5. Space for notes about the session

To use this feature, you must first create one or more categories for the types of services you want to track. Click Configure | Setup Data and go to ServiceHours. Add as many categories as you want.


Once you have created your categories, you can now record the sessions on the student record. Find a student and on Student Details, click on the Service Hours tab. Click the button "Add new record". A widget will appear that lets you enter the relevant information.

When you are finished, click Update to save the record. It will now appear on the Service Hours tab.

You can edit this record, delete it and export this information via a report. 

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