What does each CASAS TOPS export file include?

Each CASAS file has very specific functions, as compared to the old WIA formats where the same data was included in multiple files. For a specific breakdown, please reach out to CASAS. But based on what is included in each file, here is a summary of each report.

You can also reference a more detailed CASAS handbook by downloading the Exchanging Data with 3rd Party Systems.

Another helpful reference is the Data Mapping Crosswalk.

Class CLS - class information to help set up the class in CASAS. Includes information including Class Code, title, etc.

Demographics DEM – pure demographics of student, but NOT Labor Force or Customer Groups/Barriers/Personal Status. No other file has demographic information

Entry ENTR – enrollment into a class PLUS labor force and Customer Groups / Barriers to Employment and Personal Statuses. This is the only file with these special “demographic” fields. Entry date = If attendance exists, first date of attendance. If no attendance on student record, Enrollment Date.

Attendance ATT – hours only. That’s it. No status, nothing.

Student Class Status SCS – enrollment (same as Entry…) but this one also tells TE Active, Completed and Inactive. But it doesn’t have Labor Force or Customer Groups. So you have to do Entry to get those in but from then on, Class Status works great.

Student Program Status SPS – the only file that has the Program Status from the Update, the Progress from the Update and the Reason for Existing from the Update. Plus the dates of entry and exit. 

  • SPS Program Start Date = first class start date connected to this instructional program.  If you have 5 classes in an instructional  program – looks at the earliest class start date of those classes the student is enrolled in
  • SPS Program End Date = student's last attendance date for classes connected to this instructional program.  If there is no attendance, we use the last enrollment date.

Update UPDT – all the services received, learner results and other info, not included in Student Program Status, that is on the Update record.

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