Check List - Private Lesson New or Re-enroll

Before you roll your lessons, or start to directly enroll in a new time period, run through this list to make sure you have everything set up correctly.  

Where you see (not required), this step is not necessary and, if you're not using these elements, you can just ignore these steps. 

This checklist assumes that you have set up your Subjects and Private Lesson courses and that your teachers are all assigned to their subjects.  

Note: if your policy is NOT to re-enroll students with an outstanding balance, you can exclude those students from re-enrollment by going to the Private Lesson Details page and checking the option to Turn off ability to roll this lesson to another Time Period.

1 - Time Period
Enter default number of lessons and make sure the TP is configured.
Find > Time Period > Edit.  If the new time period is not yet set up, click Add New Time Period
2 - Payment Plan (not required) 
If you allow your families to pay using a payment plan, check that this is set up in the Time Period and that your preferences are set to allow families to choose to pay with the payment plan. 
Find > Time Period > Edit
Configure > Preferences > Payment and Transaction Configuration
3 - Calendar, Holidays and skip days
Make sure any dates that you are not teaching during the time period are entered.  Remember you can add a holiday where you skip a group class but can still schedule private lessons.  
Configure > Calendar
4 - Fee Tiers 
You can copy the fee tiers from one time period to another or create new fees directly in the new time period. If you copy fees tiers into the new time period, remember to check the GL codes and update them in the new time period if needed.
For Rolling lessons, the fee tiers and durations must be the same in both the time period you're rolling to as the time period you're rolling from.   
Private Lessons > Fee Tiers
5 - Discounts (not required)
Make sure any discounts applicable in the new time period are set up.
Configure > Discounts
6 - Attendance Codes (not required)
If you want to add any Attendance Codes, now is the time to do that. 
Configure > Set Up Data > Attendance Codes
If you are going to use PL Roll to re-enroll your current students
1 - Current Student Enrollment Checks
The schedule in the top of the Private Lesson detail (the meta-data) will be copied to the new time period.  If you know that a schedule needs to be changed, we advise that you include the enrollment in the roll, and update the enrollment with the modified schedule in the new time period before generating the invoice. 
Private Lessons > Enrollments > Edit selected lesson
2 - Exclude some enrollments
If you know there are some enrollments that should not be rolled to the new time period, check the box to exclude them.
Private Lessons > Enrollments > Lessons > to Private Lessons Details (see image above) or Edit > to Private Lesson Details > check Prevent Bulk Re-enrollment
3 - Check Change Requests
Check all Change Requests to ensure that you have got the latest information on who should be rolled (only roll those who will likely have the same schedule in the new time period).  Any current student can submit a change request at ANY time through their online account, My Activities tab, using the Request Change link below their Private Lesson item. 
Private Lessons > Lesson Changes
4 - Re-enroll Email
Edit the re-enroll email to ensure that you have the correct information.   Consider adding a reminder to the student to check and update any information in their family account online. Do not edit any field or content between the dynamic tags ##.
Configure > Manage Emails > Manage My Email Templates > Private Lesson Enrollment > edit. 
5 - Website 
Consider adding a note to the home page for current students, reminding them to look out for the re-enrollment email and repeating information on what they should do.  If you have a deadline, remind them if they do nothing by XXX date, their enrollment will be removed from the system and they will risk losing their current schedule.  
Configure > Online Registration Site > Add a message to a page
Re-enolling with Instructor Availability
If you have entered Instructor Availability, normally you are prevented from enrolling a student in a lesson if the teacher is marked as unavailable (you can choose to override this notification).  When re-enrolling during a PL roll, enrollments WILL be created in the new time period even if the instructor is marked as unavailable.
If you need to change the lesson day or time because the instructor is no longer available, we advise that you re-enroll and then edit the enrollment. Instructor Availability is available when you edit the lesson.  
Private Lessons > Enrollments > Edit selected lesson
Roll lessons from one time period to the next
On Generate Invoices - check that automatic discounts have applied and add any manual discounts necessary before sending the email.  
After roll, remember to check change requests regularly!
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