TOPS Enterprise import process information

Here is information passed on from CASAS concerning the ASAP TOPS Export files and process. This information explains how and what these files do within TE | TOPS Enterprise.

In general, any TE import works like this:

  • New or modified data will overwrite what was previously stored in TE records
  • Blank, unchanged, or identical data will be skipped

Entry | 8051: Entry records would typically be imported only once per semester or program year. The difference now for ENTR imports is that it only contains student-related info (goals, special programs, etc.), not class or program-related data. Use SPS to enroll in a program; Use SCS to enroll in a class.

Student Class Status | 2050: Now called SCS. This will enroll a student in a class, exit them from a class, or set their status

  • Active --> ASAP = Enrolled or Pending
  • Completed --> ASAP = Completed
  • Inactive --> ASAP = Dropped

Attendance | 7050: Now called ATT. Brings in attendance much the same as WIA 7050 import did. ASAP exports the category/source equal “Update (Cumulated)” and will overwrite what is currently in TE for that student in the class. This is the total minutes of instruction for the entire year since July 1. The other 4 available categories/sources of attendance are not cumulated, so they will be added up instead of “overwriting.” Be sure to check the box in Options because ASAP exports cumulated attendance. 

Student Program Status | SPS: This is new and it enrolls a student in a program. It will also update program-related info like an Update did under WIA.

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