Student check-in

Checking a student into a class is just another way to take attendance. In both cases a check-in time is recorded, which indicates that the student was present. 
Why use the check-in page instead of taking attendance? With the check-in page you can check students into multiple classes all from one page, whereas from the attendance page you must first select the class you wish to take attendance for. Also, if you use our kiosk check-in page, students can check themselves in and out of class without the need for staff to be present.
ASAP has two check-in pages:
1. If a staff member will be sitting at the computer checking the students in, they can use the regular student check-in page. To access, click Tools | Check-In.
2. If you allow students to check themselves into class you can use our kiosk-style check-in page. Click Switch View | Student Check-In.
Because the kiosk-style page doesn’t permit access to the rest of ASAP, you can leave that computer unattended without fear of a student accessing someone else's account information. In fact, once you bring the kiosk page up you’ll need to log back into ASAP before you can get access to your account again.
Important! In order to check students in from either page you must first check the "uses Scan Check-In Attendance" checkbox on the class edit page for the class you wish to check students into:
  1. search for the class you wish to make available for check-in
  2. click the "Edit Class" link in the search results
  3. scroll to the bottom of the page and check "uses Scan Check-In Attendance"
  4. click the "Save and Close" button
Optional: To allow students to check-in using a barcode reader, you'll need to create student ID cards and setup barcode readers for each lab class.  Contact CI Solutions for the hardware and materials needed for scanned check in and review this article.
Rules for recording check-in times
1. If a student checks into a class before it starts, ASAP will record the start time of that class as the student’s check-in time (the student doesn’t get any credit for checking in before the start time of class).
2. If a student checks into a class after it starts, ASAP will record the actual time as that student’s check-in time (this lets you track who was late).
3. When a student checks out of a class, ASAP will record the actual time as that student’s check-out time, whether they check in before the class ends or after.
4. ASAP won’t allow a student to:
  • check into a class after the class has ended
  • check out of a class before the class has started
  • check in or out of a class on a day other than the day when the class takes place (you can't check into a class on a Monday if the class takes place on a Tuesday for example).  
Editing a student's check-in time
If for some reason you find it necessary to edit a student's check-in/out time, or if a student forgot to check-in/out and you want to enter a time for them, you can do so from the attendance page.
  1. Go to Tools > Class Attendance (or Private Lessons > Attendance for private lesson check-in)
  2. Search for the class that the student is enrolled in
  3. Enter or edit the check-in/out time you want recorded
  4. Click the Save button

Using the kiosk check-in page

To get started, go to Switch View > Student Check-In. Please note that once you go to the kiosk check-in page you will need to click the Exit link on the page and login to the system again when you're done.

To check in, students will enter their ASAP ID number or scan their ID number into ASAP. 

If a student is only enrolled in only one check-in class, after entering the pass code - a welcome message will display as confirmation that they are checked in.  

If a student is only enrolled in one or more check-in classes, after entering the pass code - the student will be able to select the class they wish to check-in to.

To check out (optional), students will follow exactly the same procedure.  Upon check out, a thank you message confirms that the student is checked out.


Using the student check-in page

To get started, go to Tools > Check-in. Then the teacher enters a passcode (student's ID number) or a student's name, selects the class to check them into, then clicks the ENTER STUDENT button.  Check-in is confirmed by the following message "You have successfully checked Angela Brown into Advanced Photoshop".  To check the student out (optional) follow exactly the same procedure.

Teachers can also use scan check-in. To use an electronic scanner, (purchased separately, most scanners will work with ASAP): 

Staff users must print the Student Labels: Barcode 5160 report for a class roster of student barcodes. These can be printed on Avery labels as stickers that are applied to ID cards, or just use as a PDF report.

Start by putting the cursor into the field marked "Enter A Passcode".

With cursor in the Passcode field, scan the first student, notice that student ID number appears in the passcode field. 

Click Enter or hit your Enter key on your keyboard.

Student name will appear and a dropdown of classes that student is enrolled in for this day.  Select the appropriate class from the dropdown.

Click the Enter button on the screen. (keyboard Enter button not available this time)

You will now see the note that student is checked in.

Repeat steps to check out.

Repeat steps on same day to check in again, if student returns, and repeat again to check out again.

Attendance Detail report will show total minutes or hours in attendance. Go to Class detail page>Attendance options>Attendance Detail report: Filter for days including today:

Attendance tool will show what time student checked in and out. Class detail page>Attendance Options>Take Attendance: Filter for days including today:



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