Report on Service Hour records for students

If you have used the Service Hours to track individual, one on one sessions between staff and students, you can review and report on this data using the Service Hours Report. Find this under Master Reports | Miscellaneous | Service Hours Report.


  • Students - select one, two or more or All Students
  • Type of Service - select All Types or one or more of the different services you track
  • Date range - select the date range to analyze. This looks at the date of the service record


Each student is summarized by Service Type, showing the Student Name, ID, Service Type received, count of records of that service type within the date range, hours of services and some total student summary information.

At the bottom are the summary figures for the report, including Count of Students, total number of Service Sessions within date range and total hours of those service sessions.

You can manipulate the results and re-group by a column such as Service Type to summarize and review the data by that grouping. Click on a column (e.g. ServiceType) and drag it up to the row as shown below. This will group the results by that column. 


Export the results to Excel by clicking the Export to Excel button. Any re-grouping you do will hold on the export and the data will arrive as it looks while viewing.

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