Student account details page

The student account details page contains all the information you need to know about registrants. The information is populated when the registrant logs in to the public portal and creates an account. The account can also be created by an administrator in the admin portal.

We organized the page so that the information you look for regularly is right there in the left panel of the page.


Student account details page menu

The page menu offers options for printing the student's account information, accessing the enroll feature, linking to your public portal, login information, and the ability to create and view attendance reports.


Student account tabs

The main area of the student account details page contains several tabs that streamline and organize the registrant's information.




Activities The activities tab shows class enrollments and schedules for each enrolled class. You can find all the classes your student is enrolled in, current and historic, in as well as dropped, drop-in, waitlisted, and completed classes.
Financials All the registrant's financial information is available in this tab. A summary of the account activity, all invoices, recurring payment information, saved credit card information, and 1098 tax deduction information.
Family And Contacts

Family member accounts are added and maintained right within the student account under this tab. All contact information, such as emergency contacts as well as parent/guardian information resides here as well.

Education Records Transcripts, credits, test scores, and service hours are viewed and managed in the education records tab.
Documents Here you can upload and store documents the student or registrar needs to access. A listing of all waivers the student is responsible to sign is found under documents.
Attendance The attendance tab shows you attendance dates and total hours for all enrolled classes.
Notes The notes area is a good place to record student information that you want captured and available for other registrars to see. Students do not see this information.

Detail information is captured when the student creates an account on the public portal and can be updated and maintained here in the admin portal.

Student contact information, medical information, demographic information, education history, and work experience display in this tab. Basically any information captured on the account registration form is housed here.

You can edit most of the information in this tab by clicking a within a field and making your change, or where available, use the edit icon Edit.png.

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