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Keyboard-friendly reg form

I have only been inputting information into the reg form recently. But as someone used to keyboard entry, I would like to know if there are some modifications that can be made to make the form more keyboard-friendly. If entering information in the form, is there a way to also utilize the "enter" key to move through the form fields as well instead of closing the form without saving what you've input (as is the current action)? That would allow the use of either hand to move through form, depending ow which hand made the last keystroke.

Also, the check boxes and drop down menus (again, my limited experience is on the reg form) are not keyboard-friendly either. Is there a way to apply "standard" keyboard shorcuts (e.g. the spacebar to check a box; and the Atl + Down Arrow to expand a drop-down menu, then the continued use of the down-arrow to move down the list, the spacebar to make the desired selection(s), and finally the enter key to close and apply the selection(s) chosen?

Deborah Greco

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