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Reporting of class information for analysis


We are trying to find some reporting that can help us to analyze our classes and related information.

Our hope is that we can get a report or data dump that has all the necessary information in it, that we can download into an excel spreadsheet and then start manipulating the data to get the information we need.

Below is what we are looking for. Can you point us at a report that includes this information or a way we can get it without opening up each class one by one?  

This seems like something everyone using your product would be wanting, so really hoping it is available already, but just not showing under the reporting options. 



By Instructor, we’d like to see:

  • How many classes they had running within a time period
  • How many hours in each class over how many days
  • What day of the week
  • Time - Morning, afternoon, evening
  • Day of week
  • How much the class cost
  • How much the supply fee was
  • How much the student paid / hour of instruction received
  • How many were enrolled in the class
  • What age were they
  • What was the maximum students for the class


  • To know similar info for what classes didn’t run (were cancelled)


  • Trying to understand which classes are selling
  • For what age
  • For what cost
  • For what cost / hour of instruction
  • By which instructors
  • On which days
  • What time of day
  • In what time periods

Even a data dump of all the class information by time period that I can pick and choose the pieces I want using Excel would help. 

Kelly Visscher

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Below is a more specific list of the data by Time Period that we would be looking for to do our Program analysis:


  • Title
  • Course Group (potentially multivalued)
  • Primary Instructor
  • Class fees (multivalued)
    • Fee type
    • Amount
    • Gl account
    • Discount
  • Class Schedule
    • Time period
    • Every (weekly/monthly)
    • On (which days) – possibly multivalued
    • Beginning on
    • Ending on
    • From (start time)
    • To (end time
  • Additional Class Details
    • Code
    • Class Capacity
    • Min Enrollment
    • Min Age (Years)
    • Max Age (Years)
  • Class Details
    • Enrolled
    • Completed
    • Pending
    • Waitlisted
    • Drop/Transfer
    • Drop-in
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