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Reg Form Request - MOVEABLE Parent/Guardian Info and ADD OPTION for static Text Fields


I'm a new customer and have selected a few families to create new accounts using our Reg Form. We ask our families to enter any parent/guardian information and then to also provide a non-parent/guardian as a third emergency contact.

We're finding that 100% of our test families are entering the 2nd parent/guardian in the emergency contact field because there is no way to bump the secondary parent/guardian question above emergency contact on the reg form.

REQUEST: I'd like to request that the questions on the reg form be movable so that we can give families a place to put their 2nd parent/guardian before the emergency contact info even comes up.

2nd REQUEST: It'd also be very nice to have the option to enter just a text field in between questions so at the very least we could put a note to say 'PLEASE PUT A NON-Parent/Guardian HERE'. It would probably be just as easy as asking a question, it would just be a static field w/out any need for responsiveness.

We're hoping to post our reg link live on our website 6/15 for all public families to start creating accounts. Thanks for considering these requests!

Amy Roth

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That's a great suggestion Amy.


I think the Registration form needs to look more like an application.


Also, are you having difficulties with divorced/separated parents?  How do you create your accounts for each parent?

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Re: Divorced Parents--

The primary account holder is financially responsible for all tuition and receives exclusive communication from us, so we could potentially have the same student registered in our system twice, once under each divorced parent/guardian.  More often than not, one parent tends to spearhead registration/communication with us and handles payment contributions from the other parent/guardian outside of our system, though, so duplicate student records are rare.

We formalized this policy after having had one parent make a deposit and insist that it was the other parent's responsibility to pay the remaining balance (he was pretty upset about this and refused to authorize use of his card).  We decided having exclusive parent/guardian accounts was important so that one of the divorced parents couldn't figure out login info and access saved credit cards that the other might not want charged.

Thanks for the question!

Amy Roth 0 votes