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Characters similar to special characters


We have a few students whose names are spelled with accents. It's nice to be able to put the correct accents in so that they appear correctly on their invoices etc., but the downside is that when I'm searching for example for a name that has an "á" in it, the system won't find it if I spell it with an "a". That means I have to look up and type in the alt key code every time I want to search for that family.

This is just to say that it would be great if the search function would conflate all those characters and still find the string.


Paul Spencer

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I agree!


The system should also be able to search "Monique G" as a portion for the full name MONIQUE GABRIELLA instead of listing all Moniques and any first name or last name that begins with a "G" and have no MONIQUE has a part of the name.


When you have a lot of Michaels, Isaiahs, or Aidens and you know the middle initial, the system should be able to narrow down the search by adding the middle initial instead of broadening the search by adding names that begin with the middle initial.

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