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Just a very small thing:

When we search for students, I've found that entering the first few letters of both the first and last names will usually bring up the right student at the top of the list of results. It's a very handy feature of that search function.

When I'm searching for staff, entering part of both the first and last name yields no results. It's fine to find them by only one name, because I'm searching among less than 100 instead of up to 2000. The issue is just that we have to learn a slightly different process for every little circumstance - in this case even the exact same search bar behaves differently depending which list it's asked to search in.

So the impact of this precise issue is very small, but the principle of making the behaviour consistent across the site is really helpful in making the user experience smoother and more satisfying.


Paul Spencer

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Thanks Paul, great callout. We're currently working on the new version of ASAP and the search feature in it is much more precise (along with being crazy fast). We'll probably be opening it up to beta around November. I don't think it'll have all the features your school will need at that point but I'll definitely make sure you at least get a look.



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This is very exciting!  It would also be great to have the quick search default to the last used category (student, invoice, staff) instead of having to reset it every time.  Also, I noticed a lot of reports use the family #, but there is no way to search for that.  

Lisa Hopstock 1 vote

I agree with Lisa's comment, and I remember that someone else had asked once to be able to set the default search and have it stay that way until it's changed (like the way you can set the time period for searches), and that would achieve the same outcome.

Searching for family number would be helpful, as would being able to search for fragments of an email or phone number. We relatively often have phone messages leaving a number but no name, and it would be helpful to be able to check who it is quickly and easily.

Paul Spencer 0 votes

Yes! that was probably me! Would love to be able to have a variable lock by quick search category - that can change based on what I'm working on at the time. If I'm working on classes, I'm searching just classes - it's a pain to have to reset the search every single time.  BD

Beth Dowd 0 votes