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Lesson Inquiry Notifications

I see that when I submit a new inquiry for myself, I receive a confirmation email to myself and we can set it so that we get one to admin as well. There are a couple of improvements I'd like to see in that system.

I'd like to be able to control what the text of the customer's confirmation email is. I think I can see where to choose to not send it at all (at the top of the inquiry form edit screen) so if I'm right about that then it's good to have that control, but I believe that's all I can choose at the moment.

(I've also reported to support that the name token on that email doesn't seem to work.)

It would also be very helpful if the notification that comes to admin contained the submission responses rather than just a link to view it online. The main reason for this is so that the email contains text strings that allow us to search later and find it, and also so that we can tell when we're looking at a new notification and not just the same one again that we've already seen. It would also be very helpful on a more detailed level, because they come to a generic address and I could forward them on to the correct person based on what is contained, and also so that if we're anticipating a submission from a particular student, we can know immediately when it's arrived.


Paul Spencer

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Hi Paul,

Great question! You can find and modify Inquiry Notification email under your email templates. Go to Configure > Manage Emails and select Manage my email templates. Search for Inquiry Notification email and click on the edit link next to it. This will allow you to modify the content of the email. 


Svetlana Matic 

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