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Functioning of the Merge Invoice tool


I just wanted to let you know what I'm observing with the invoice merging tool. It's not not a specific feature request but there might be something in there you want to respond to.

When I first open the invoice merge tool, I can select two invoices and merge them. Then it takes me to the invoice. I had discovered that using the browser's back button takes me back to the merging page again so I can merge further invoices, which has been a fantastic discovery :)

Last time we were merging invoices, 12 weeks ago, I could then merge another two invoices and be taken to the resulting invoice, then use the back button to come back to the page again, and keep going. Now it's changed.

The second time I merge a pair of invoices now, it no longer takes me to the resulting invoice page but stays on the merging page, with just a confirmation that the merge has been successful and a "close" button.

The close button doesn't seem to do anything, but it's not simple to carry on merging either. But I have found that I can un-tick the ones that are still showing, and then tick some more invoices and merge them. If I reload the page though, it comes up with the current list and I can merge again.

Probably if the merging page would just automatically reload itself after a merge is done, it would be ready to merge again straight away and save any fiddling around. Also, instead of loading the resulting invoice page automatically, if the invoice IDs that are listed could function as links to the invoices, we could choose to go to the invoice to view, edit, send or whatever as soon as we'd done all the merging we wanted in that account.


Paul Spencer

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