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Invoice emailing history


It would be really helpful if invoices could show the history of when they were sent to the customer. If it could be incorporated into the "Invoice History" tab at the bottom of the invoice page, or even better if an extra tab was added just for the emailing history, it would be helpful. 

Sometimes I forget in the space of 60 seconds whether I've actually sent this invoice or not, and it's quite a few steps to go running the Email Queue report to check. But more generally it would also be great if the history of the communication of that particular invoice could be collected in one spot so we can see it.

My ideal would also be that it would say which invoice number was sent, and so then when invoices are merged, it would also merge their sending histories but retain the old invoice number, showing us when an invoice was sent before merging. And finally it would be great if that history also included the link that's in the Email Queue report so we can pull up a preview of what was actually sent, and see which template was used.


Paul Spencer

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