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Mobile View

1. The software should be optimized for mobile phone viewing. Over 90% of clients view the registration page on their mobile device, and when viewing on phones, it is difficult to read the menu and the content. It needs to be optimized better for mobile devices. Anything that's a hindrance to a customer, makes them think twice before "buying". If it is too hard of a process, or even too hard to even view, they may just click right off the page.


2. The view when one configures a course should be able to be changed in the admin dashboard. Currently, the class description is in gray, text, with gray tab boxes--this is a little boring for customers. Admin should be able to at least change the color of the Tab boxes to make it look more appealing--or add color to text, etc.---anything to appeal to customer's senses.

3. When a course has recurring payments setup why is it that the system does not allow an initial prorated payment for a parent who is registering their child late - after the class has begun? Is there any suggestion for businesses who depend on recurring payments and who want to allow families to register even after the class has started? There should be a solution to this. A statement that automatically comes up if a parent is registering after the first class has started and says something like "Your first class has been prorated, Your normal monthly (or however it is configured) fee will be...-and then have the class fee payment amount $$ - and will be billed monthly and so."

Tanisha Narine

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