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Adding items to class cart when not logged in

We have noticed that a lot of issues seem to occur if people are not logged in before they add an item to their class cart (chiefly, the parent registering themselves instead of the child). Is there any way to make it so people can't actually add items to their cart unless they are already logged into the system?

Lauren Magee

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I agree. There is some refining to do in this area to help avoid this issue - and it also needs to take into account the ways that people end up creating duplicate accounts.

Paul Spencer 1 vote

Hi there,

That is a great question! On our new online registration platform, we require students or parents to log in first before they can add classes to the shop cart. If they don't have an existing account, they need to create one in order to add classes to the cart. 

If you are interested in learning more about our new (mobile responsive) online registration site please contact our support team for additional information. 


Thank you,



Svetlana Matic 0 votes