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Class Media - Change Expiration Date Options?

Copying this over from my earlier General Discussion post - in our second semester of use and this remains a big issue for us.

Class Media - Expiration Date Options?

This is our first semester using Class Media and we love it. We have had one significant complaint from both students and instructors - they would like the expiration date of the materials extended beyond the last day of class. Particularly, our instructors like to share their presentations, but not until after they've presented them to their classes. 

Would it be possible to change the pointer for the expiration date from the last day of class to the last day of the time period? That would solve everything for us.

Alternatively, if that doesn't work for other clients, could you make the expiration date configurable in the GUI?

Please let me know and thanks!


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Beth Dowd Completed

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Hi Beth, 

We will be making this change (extending media availability to the end of the time period) for you shortly. You should see a new support ticket in your queue and you will receive a notification when it's been updated in the live system. 

Thanks for the suggestion!


ASAP Support

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