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Personalization of emails sent to students

When I send an email to all students in a class, I want the mail to feel personalized with, "Hello, John..." vs "Greetings!" or, "Hello Valued Customer (who isn't valuable enough for me to use your actual name in this salutation)".

Tech support tells me the merge fields (or "tokens") can only work in the automated emails that are sent out by the system. This isn't a difficult addition to the system since the framework has already been written for the system mails already.

Most importantly, adding this feature will allow us as educators and administrators to make the person receiving the email to feel as though the mail is for them personally and not a general email to a larger collective!

Robert B. Haase

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I agree. It's extra frustrating that it's in particular the cases where we are in fact individually sending someone an email that we can't personalise it, whereas when it's a bulk email we actually can...

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