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Student Emergency Card Report

 We print the Emergency Cards and send them to the classes so the teachers have it on hand in case of an emergency and so they know who is authorized to pick the child up. 

However, the primary account holder isn't listed anywhere on the report. It gives their phone number and e-mail address, but not their name. 

We've spent the first two days of camp fielding calls from teachers because the primary parent shows up to pick up their child, and they are not listed!

Also, the application specifically states to put in contact information for people "other than yourself" that can serve as the emergency contacts and authorized pickup. 



Laura Polis

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Great, (sarcasm) our camp starts Monday.  


I also don't like that the parent's name doesn't show up on the tax statements.

Seems emphasis and priority on placed on classes instead of childcare needs.

Question, Laura-

When you print the application do you get demographic info such as marital status, number of dependents, student income?

Angelina M. Cabrera 0 votes

Angelina, When we print the student emergency card report?

It includes all of our custom questions, as well as other current enrollments. 

Our work-around for the time being is to put the primary parent into both the emergency contact info and the authorized pick-up. 

I don't know why ASAP did this. all the contact information is put in except the parents name, so if a child gets injured, you call the number at the top of the page but don't have a clue who you called.


Laura Polis 0 votes