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Trial Lessons and the Annual Registration Fee

We were wondering about the possibility of making it so trial lessons are exempt from the annual registration fee.

Our reasoning behind this is we typically charge a separate fee for trial lessons ($5). We'd love to be able to build little one lesson packages for our trial lessons that include THAT fee, but not the annual registration fee of $30.

When we create trial lessons now, we remove the annual registration fee (since the student may decide not to continue afterwards and we want to keep trials affordable). Then we (hopefully) have to remember to add a manual annual registration fee into the system if they do continue. We'd like to see what options exist to make this a smoother process, if possible.

Has anyone else found a work-around or another solution for their trial lessons or something similar?

Lauren Magee Planned

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Thanks for the suggestion. That sounds like an interesting idea and something we can forward to our developers to discuss and possibly have implemented. They'll let us know if this can be arranged.

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This would be very helpful!  We run into this quite often as well and have to remember to go in and manually delete the fee if they decide not to continue. 

Lisa Hopstock 1 vote

We also have this exact issue.

We delete the fee from their trial lesson and then have to create a manual fee that looks like the registration fee on their invoice if they continue.

Paul Spencer 1 vote

I was told I would have to create a TIME PERIOD FEE.  Our students pay a $50 Registration fee, but will have an additional Registration Fee if they attend an additional program not included in the regular school year.  


I would love to have more flexibility in managing fees

Angelina M. Cabrera 0 votes