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Notification for ALL registrations

It would be wonderful to be notified as the admin of the site anytime there is a registration. 

Yes I can pull a daily report however it would be easier if there was a simple email that was sent alerting the admin that there is a registration. 

Sandra Garcia

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It would be nice to be able to put in more than one email to get notified about a registration. And not just the email for the instructor teaching the class. As an admin, i would like to be emailed as well.

Breena Calhoon 1 vote

I have been wanting this feature for AFTER SCHOOL PROGRAMS!


If when the admin signs in we could get a page for new enrollments, that would be AWESOME!


The ENROLLMENT REPORT isn't that helpful for AFTER SCHOOL PROGRAMS because students are listed multiple times for each day.  I know they are coming, I only need a name one time since it's the same student enrolled in the same course/After School Program.

Angelina M. Cabrera 0 votes

Not to detract from the value of building this functionality within ASAP, but I did just think maybe there's a way to get your computer to take this report for you and email it to you, and it turns out there is!

You can train your browser to go to the reports page, run the report and download it, and email it to you every day/week/etc.

Paul Spencer 0 votes