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Making the Bulk Creation and Editors fully functional

It's GREAT being able to create classes in bulk, but the utility is somewhat hampered by the fact that certain key fields are not included in the interface. For EVERY class created, I need to be able to enter the Department and the minimum enrollment, neither of which can be entered on the Bulk Class Creation/Editor screen... and its SUPER clunky to then go back in and try to edit the class(es) that have been created in bulk, as there's no good way to move between them once we're done updating/fixing them. 
Additionally, the "Copy Class" screen is similarly useless without the ability to change a few more fields (namely, instructor.)
If I have to go into every singe class to fix the info that's left out of the bulk edit/create services, I might as well be creating them one by one in the first place.

Dustin Kreidler

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