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Names for invoice adjustments


It's very helpful that we have the space to write both a name and a description when we make adjustments to an invoice. This is just a suggestion for a small improvement in that system.

I would like to instruct my staff to use consistent names, where possible, but it's a petty thing to dedicate time to training them on. But if I could save some pre-set names, much like the drop reasons etc., then conforming would be easier than making something up each time. To be workable, there would also need to be the option of using a name that is not pre-set as well, for those odd cases, so the ideal might be if it worked so that we could just click in the field or start typing and it would suggest options that we could choose or ignore.


Paul Spencer

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Hi Paul,

thanks for the suggestion for adjustments. It's something we can look into and possibly add in the future in order for uniformity though it's not something we'll plan to do currently. I will keep this in mind and have our developers look into possibly adding this for a future project.

Financials Product Specialist

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