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Local Processing


The cloud-based nature of ASAP is excellent, but it has some disadvantages when talking to your server slows processing down.

In another capacity I recently implemented a POS system that gives the best of both worlds by operating locally but syncing to the cloud whenever the Internet is connected.

I understand that a system that does exactly that in this case is probably not ideal, because so much processing and complexity is involved it would not be a small, simple piece of software. 

My suggestion is that it would make for quicker processing in a lot of common scenarios if we could have a small, local piece of software that would download student, enrolment and invoice data and sync with the cloud for a certain restricted set, such as:
- data for the currently selected default time period
- data for any time periods that have online enrolments open

I don't know how feasible this is, but I just wanted to put it forward.


Paul Spencer

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Paul - this is a great idea, although I agree, it might not be feasible in the near future.  We need to be able to pull up student information and invoices QUICKLY while (sometimes) impatient parents/students are lined up at the front desk.  Since it takes at least 3 additional page loads to search a student's name and then navigate to their invoice, ANYTHING that would speed this up would be very helpful!

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