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Enrollment Report Age Categories

Currently in the enrollment report summary of age ranges enrolled, the breakdown groups all students 17 and under into one category (0 to 17; 18 to 21; 22 to 34; 35 to 44; 45 to 54; 55 to 64; 65+; Unspecified).  For those of us who deal mostly with students under the age of 18, that makes the statistics very lopsided.  It would be more helpful to add a breakdown of at least 0-12 or 13-17, if possible.

Lisa Hopstock

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Not wanting to muddy the issue, but for our purposes we would want to list every year from 2-17 as a separate category, and then still have the adults grouped as above (and <2 as a category as well).

I wonder if there's any way to give us the ability to customise that grouping at all?

Paul Spencer 0 votes

I find that a lot of features are geared towards adults.  For us, we are childcare, servicing students up to 14 years old.  

When we print out student information we even get demographic info such as marriage, job history and other information that does not apply to a minor.  I was told this can NOT be taken off the print out even though this information isn't checked in the application.

I think an age group for 5 - 11 for Elementary students and then 12-14 for middle school students would be helpful.

Angelina M. Cabrera 0 votes