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Teacher Absences


I just wanted to put a word in to say that dealing with teacher absences is an area where more tools would make a big difference. I just counted up an average of about one teacher absence every working day across the teaching year, and each one requires a whole rigmarole of contacting families and cancelling or rescheduling lessons and classes. So the potential saving of streamlining this process is considerable.

I know it wouldn't be simple to whip up a tool that would shortcut these processes, but just wanted to mention it. The main features the tool/s would need to have to be useful for us are:

- allow us to send a bulk BCC email, including the teacher in BCC as well, ideally using a template that would even pre-fill the teacher's name and the affected class or lesson details, and our custom text with details of our response such as the make-up lesson

- spit out a list of mobile numbers, because we can't currently send SMS from within ASAP

- bulk reschedule all affected teaching to specified dates, with tick-boxes to reschedule or cancel each class or lesson before processing all of the changes


Paul Spencer

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Hi Paul,

thanks for the suggestion on this. Have you thought to file a custom work request for this since it sounds like a more fully fledged out update outside of a few tools. Our custom work team can see if this is something that can be built. Here's a link on where you can request something like this:

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