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Function to send schedules


We were just discussing a function it would be really great to have, which is the ability to send out families' schedules to them, and also teachers' schedules. We're aware that these are more or less two totally separate requests in terms of development.

For families, it would be great to have a tool/report that pulls together students' schedules grouped by family (account) and lays them out in clear chronological order through the week, taking account of our setting for which day the week starts on, and allows us to send them out in much the same way that the invoices are sent out. It should obviously allow us to select the time period.

If it had the power to segment families on the bases of course groups, ages of students, invoice status, and so on, and build up a list by adding and subtracting segments, that would be fantastic.

The value of this for us is twofold.
1) There is scope to display schedule information much more clearly than how it appears on the invoice if we're not worrying about it needing to function as an invoice.
2) We don't want to send the invoices for next term, 3 weeks before the term ends, but we would very much like to send families their proposed schedule for next term that early, so they can reply with amendment requests.

Separately, it would be very helpful if we could send teachers a copy of their weekly schedule just before term starts. Having a special tool for this would only be a small improvement because I'm aware that we can download their rosters and email them, not to mention giving them access to the system themselves to look.


Paul Spencer

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Paul - this is another great suggestion.  We do mostly private lessons and it would be helpful to be able to send out the family's schedule all at once instead of having to PDF the Private Lesson Detail Page and email it.   On the other end, some of our teachers only teach once per week and are not very internet savvy, so we often need to send them a reminder in an email.  

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