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New customer account validation

During our most recent round of registration, a large number of our existing students erroneously created new accounts for themselves. We are now seeing many duplicates/triplicates, and even quadruplicate accounts in our system. A lot of these duplicates use the same primary email address as the existing account.

It would be great if the system could validate attempts by customers to set up new accounts, and kick back an alert that says "This email address is already associated with an account."

Denise Statland

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Over the past two years we have noticed an increase in duplicating of same student demographic records with the same exact info and email address.  These records are created with a sequential student record number, usually one right after the other.  

Rena Fansher 0 votes

We have had the same issue... as it turned out, the username for the account was not the same as the primary email on the account, but rather a random number.  The help desk was able to resolve the issue, but I still had to manually delete the duplicate accounts that our families mistakenly created.

Lisa Hopstock 0 votes

I have submitted this issue before, and was told that customers are not able to set up a new account with the same email address, that it does kick back an alert like "This email address is already associated with an account."

However, I have still seen it happen. Sometimes it is the exact same email address, sometimes, they have one letter capitalized so it creates a new account since they don't match on a case-sensitive basis.

But I have also seen that weird random number as the username, and I am not sure how that happens.

And then comes the "fun" of deleting and/or merging the duplicate(s).

Anyway, after being told it doesn't happen and seeing it happen anyway, I gave up and just delete/merge when it does happen. Over and over again.

Lauren Magee 0 votes